The heart of GEM-CAR is the calendar.

1. Color management tells us if the customer leaves the vehicle, needs a courtesy or a ride or if he is waiting: flexibility in schedule management.

2. Validation of reminders at the time to schedule the appointment of brake change with oil change.

3. Confirmation that all appointments are billed (blue color):

  • The customer did not come: it can be rescheduled
  • The car was left outside with the keys in the box

4. Scheduling appointments by duration, not by note length:

  • 8 appointments for transmission change that takes one line
  • A 30 minute oil change with 10 checks
5. Technician performance management.

6. The use of electronic punch.

7. Indication on the invoice of which technician has done the job (e.g. T1, T2).

8. Organization: order in which the jobs were done.

9. Repositioning of appointments in time.

10. Scheduling by specialty (display: tires, mechanics and truck).

10.5 Management of leaves / training.