We have now close to 300 online distributors integrations using multiple technologies. Some of them are depending on the version of your Internet browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and their version.
Then for the same distributor, they can you multiple technologies. Like NAPA has five different templates: NAPA Canada, Prolink SE, NAPA USA, NAPA punch out, Partstech, and now Altrom. 
We have some integration designs in multiple versions of GEM-LINK, platforms 1 and 2.
In addition, GEM-CAR has to support multiple versions of Windows that also create challenges while transferring parts.
Finally, some distributors use local API on your computer like Worldpac then others use web API, and lastly, some are using GEM-CAR proprietary technological secret tool. 
To assist our technical support team with the knowledge they need to configure Internet links to your local browser, they need to spend weeks in training.
Therefore you will need to call support as the configuration is becoming very complicated to assist you in the configuration.