Blocks should not be used to book job appointments with customers, but only to block a period of internal use (ex: training, holiday, vacations, etc...). 

Benefits of a block :

  • It's just a perfect text area to put a note. There is no link to a customer or vehicle.
  • Allows you to block a period for vacation, training, private time, etc...
  • Allows you to block a period for one or multiple bays/technicians (e.g.: for inventory management).

Limitations of a block :

  • Does not allow booking of job appointments for customers : no estimate, no phone, no vehicle, no customer information.
  • Once created, a block cannot be moved or duplicated, it has to be deleted and recreated.

Create a block

  • Open the Calendar and right-click an empty time cell,
  • Select "Create a block",

  1. Enter the block information,
    • Enter a Title,
    • Pick a Color by clicking the spy glass {fa-search},
    • Select a Date,
    • Enter a Start time and an End time,
    • {fa-info-circle} To duplicate the block on all bays/doors, check the case: {fa-check-square-o } All doors,
  2. Click the disk {fa-save} to save the block.


Edit a block

  1. Open the Calendar and double-click the block to edit,
  2. Make your changes,
    • {fa-warning} To duplicate the block to all the bays/doors, you have to delete and re-create the block.
  3. Click the disk {fa-save} to save.


Delete a block

  1. Right-click the block,
  2. Select "Delete the block".