The Punch window report shows detailed information about the internal work:
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Job description
  • Internal work notes

From the main menu, go to "Reports > Performance",

  • Under the list of available reports, select "Punch window report",
  • Check one or more technicians (or work bays),
  • Enter a date range,
  • Check Detailed internal work report,
  • Click the printer to display on screen.

To configure an internal job:

  • From the Product/Job code management window, click on the "+",
  • Select a category whose type is "INTERNAL WORK",
    • By default the category is "510",
    • Otherwise, create it

  • Add a category and a description, 
  • Save it.

How a technician can check in on an internal job?

  • From the PoS go to the Punch Clock
  • Select a technician in the spying glass at the top left corner,
  • Click on the icon "Jobs",
  • Double-click on the internal job you want to clock in on,
  • That's it, you've checked in.