Selecting a delivery address,

  • From the Point of Sale, click on the "Delivery address" button,
  • If you had already set a delivery address, you can select it from the list flied "Name",
    • If not, you can create a new one,
  • Check the option "Use on invoice",
  • Click the door to exit,
  • Click "Yes" if you wish to use the delivery address for the actual invoice,
    • or "No" if you don't.

Create, modify or edit a delivery address

  • Open the "Customer management" window,
  • Go to the "Delivery" tab,
    • To add a new address, click the (+) sign,
    • To delete an address, click the (-) sign,
    • To edit an address, select it, make changes,
  • Click the disk to save your changes.