Please follow the next instructions to p
rint the list of tires required for tomorrow’s appointment.

On the Point of Sale (POS) window, open each estimate, one by one, that require tires be used,

  • Select the Tire Installation and Balancing item,
  • Click on the Tire Storage Icon (Warehouse),
  • For the Tire Storage window, select the correct tires,
  • Copy (Ctrl C) the Storage Location Number, (in this example, Upstairs B-6),
  • Close the Tire Storage window,
  • Now Paste (Ctrl V) the Storage Location in the Tire installation description,
  • Click Save (F2).

Repeat this operation for all the appointments.
  • Once completed for all appointments, click the Appointment icon (F9) to view tomorrow schedule,
  • Click on the Print icon,
From Tomorrow’s job list, the tires and location needed are now indicated.