Please follow the next instructions to print the list of tires required for tomorrow’s appointment.

On the Point of Sale (POS) window, open each estimate, one by one, that require tires be used,

  • Select the Tire Installation and Balancing item,
  • Click on the Tire Storage Icon (Warehouse),
  • For the Tire Storage window, select the correct tires,
  • Copy (Ctrl C) the Storage Location Number, (in this example, Upstairs B-6),
  • Close the Tire Storage window,
  • Now Paste (Ctrl V) the Storage Location in the Tire installation description,
  • Click Save (F2).

Repeat this operation for all the appointments.
  • Once completed for all appointments, click the Appointment icon (F9) to view tomorrow schedule,
  • Click on the Print icon,
From Tomorrow’s job list, the tires and location needed are now indicated.