The following procedure is to be used only once:
  • After you've been trained and practiced
  • After you (or/and your staff) have became comfortable using GEM-CAR
  • After you've decided to officially start (GO LIVE) with GEM-CAR.

Step 1 – Gather the information

Have a list of all accounts with balances on hand. Information should include the customer numbers and total amounts due.

Step 2 – Opening customer accounts

Make sure the customers with A/R exist in GEM-CAR, otherwise:

  1. Click the {fa-plus} to create a missing customer,
  2. Enter the customer information in the "Customer Information" tab,
    1. Make sure to check "Customer with A/R",
  3. Click the disk {fa-save} to save,

Step 3 – Invoice entries

From the main menu, go to Customer Management > Invoice entries:

  • (1) In the "Options" section, check the  box:
    • {fa-check-square-o } "Updated receivables data",
  • (2) Click the {fa-plus} to add a receivable invoice,
  • (3) Enter the invoice information:
    • Enter a customer number,
      • or click the {fa-search} to search and select a customer,
    • Enter an invoice number.
      • You can generate one if you don't have any (e.g.: BAL...),
    • Enter a date,
    • Enter the balance amount,
  • (4) Click the disk {fa-save} to save.
{fa-info-circle } Repeat the (2)(3)(4) steps for each invoice and customer.

{fa-warning} If you need to go back to a forgotten invoice, remember to check the "Payables entry to date". However, after you have started using GEM-CAR, you should never have to return to this window.

Step 4 – Validation

From the main menu, go to Customer Management > Reports:

  • From the Available reports in the left section, select "Account receivable aging",
  • Select a sort order (Numeric or Alphabetical),
  • Select a type (Summary or Detailed),
  • Enter or select an End date,
  • Enter a range of customers (All customers are included by default)
  • Click the printer {fa-save} to display the report.
Each of your entries should now be posted on this report.