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GEM-CAR mechanical shops software is ideal for working with SIMPLY ACCOUNTING/SAGE 50, an accounting software that is very well suited for tire and mechanical shops.


Eliminate duplicate data entry by using our general ledger code summary transfer procedure. You create a synergy between the office, the counter and the workshop.   

Integration between GEM-CAR and Simply Accounting (SAGE): 

At the End of the Day (EOD), GEM-CAR transfers the end of day data as well as the supplier invoices*.

* Product details and descriptions will only be available in GEM-CAR

Simply Accounting/SAGE 50 software offers the following modules:

  • General Accounting,
  • Bank Accounts & Statistics,
  • Bank reconciliation,
  • Payroll (Cheque issue, T4, Payroll deductions, Direct deposit),
  • Taxes,
  • Statistics,
  • Accounts receivable and payable,
  • Business rules,
  • Clients and suppliers,
  • Consolidation,
  • Budgets,
  • Amortization (instalments),
  • Security and management rules,
  • Accounting periods.

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Quick training tutorial on SAGE 50:

Thanks to Catherine Guillot, CPA & teacher at Ahunstic College


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GL Chart of account and open balance


Bank reconciliation



Payables and adjustments