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automotive digital inspection software

GEM-CHECK is the digital software inspection integrated to GEM-CAR. Customers can also use the paper version: GEM-WORK.  Our digital inspection platform is fully integrated in your shop management software.

The inspection package currently includes automotive inspection report models such as :

  • Front-end inspection report including brakes, suspension and steering components
  • General overall inspection during oil changes 
  • 5,000 mile OEM recommended service and maintenance inspection
  • Spring and fall inspection
  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspection
  • Full brake system inspection
  • Alignment and geometry component inspection
  • Transmission inspection and fluid analysis
  • Cooling system inspection and fluid analysis
  • A/C system inspection
  • Electronic systems diagnostic inspection
  • Warning light diagnostic inspection inspection
  • Tire sensor warning light diagnostic inspection
  • ABS system warning light diagnostic inspection
  • Air Bag warning light diagnostic inspection

To activate  GEM-CHECK click on the link below:

From the main menu, go to “Configuration > Local Configuration > General Data

  • Check the Last Version of IE; IE11 and click on the disk to save.

From the main menu, go to “Configuration > General information

  • In the “Options”, check the option number 111-Use GEM-CHECK and click on the disk to save.

From the main menu, go to “Inventory Management > Product/Job Code Management

  • Select a Job ->In the bottom choose the work order model that you want to apply for this job and click on the disk to save.

There is two ways to access to the inspection file:

From The Point Of Sale

From the main menu, go to “Point Of Sale

  • Enter the advisor number, the customer number and select the job.

  • Click on F11: Work Order to see the inspection file.

  • Fill in the information linked to this inspection file, check the jobs you want and print it from the print button in the top of the inspection file .

From The Punch

From the main menu, go to “Punch Clock

  • From the punch, enter the technician and the order number.

  • You can open the inspection file from the red button .

  • Once the inspection file appears, you can check the jobs.

  • Click on” the disk” to save if you want to save the current state of the inspection file, the color of the button “Open the inspection file” change to orange. 

  • Once you finish completing the inspection file Click on “finish”, the color of the button change to green.          

The inspection file is saved as PDF file once you click on finish, you can not modify it anymore.

You can find the PDF file in the documents linked to the estimate.

 From the main menu, go to "Configuration>Local Configuration"

  • For the printer of GEM-CHECK, we configure it from GEM-WORK; Select your printer and click on the disk to save.

  • Share the Vdata of the server and get the path.

  • Put the path of shared directory in the GEM-CAR data of the Computers that will connect to the server.

  • You can modify the data folder directory from here: