Transfer data to Acomba, Quickbooks or Simply Accounting software

If your general ledger GL aren't set use this procedure...else use the distribution report

From the Point of Sales window, make sure you’ve executed the last End of Day procedure for that month and follow these quick and easy steps;

  • Close the Point of Sales window,
  • From the Main Menu, Click in Reports,
  • On the Reports Menu, select Revenue and Receipts Summary Report,
  • Enter the dates: From: DD/MM/YYYY   To :DD/MM/YYYY,
  • Check the Revenue field and click Print,
  • Check the Payments received field and Print,
  • With both reports on hand, enter the transactions into your accounting software as per the following example;

 Payments received DEBIT   
 Cash     x 
 Debit Cards     x 
 Visa     x 
 Master Card     x 
 American Express     x 
 Check/cheque     x 
 Receivables     x 
 Revenues     x
 Parts Sales     x
 Labor Sales     x
 Specific Duties (new tires)     x
 Sales Other     x
 Sale tax 1 collected     x
 Sale tax 2 collected 


  • Source of error : ex. if you post an invoice in wrong month ( ex Nov 30th vs  Dec 1 first), the  report won’t match the reality.
  • Solution : close the invoice in receivable from the last month (ex nov 30th)  and cash it on the day of the deposit (ex Dec 1th).