Step 1: Create a Deposit category

  • Go to "Inventory management" / "Product/job code management",
  • Click on spy glass next to the "Category" field,
  • Click on the + (Add),
  • Choose a category number *,
  • In the Description field enter Order Deposits,
  • Click Save.

* The category must be set with GL by default set to a liability.

Step 2: Creating a "Deposit" product code

  • Back in the Inventory window click+(add),
  • In the Category number field enter 005,
  • In the Inventory No field, enter "D",
  • In the Description field enter "DEPOSIT",
  • Click Save and Exit.

Step 3: Register "Deposit" on the customer’s order

  • Back on the Point of Sales, open the customer’s order,
  • Click the +(add) icon or F5,
  • Enter the product code that you have created "D",
  • Enter the the amount of the deposit and click on the green arrow,
  • An invoice with the receipt with the "Deposit" will be created.
  • The "Deposit" product was also created in the quote and transfer to the "Reserved STEP".
PS: in your balance sheet under liability, you will see all the deposit value. When the customers return to close is bill, the liability GL code will be reduced. 
Step 4: Finding the estimate for deposit
  • From the POS, using the quote Spyglass, 
  • Select the step "Reservation",
  • Double click in the quote.