When it comes to storing tires, a proper identification is crucial. Here is how to create and print new tire storage labels from your software

  • In the POS (Point of Sale), press F5 or the click the ADD button to enter a new item,

  • Enter "TS" (TIRE STORAGE) in the Item field and press "ENTER",
  • Use the "Clipboard" icon to copy your tire information to the next,
  • Once you have entered the quantity and price for storage, a "TIRE STORAGE" window will appear,
  • Fill in all the information, tire size, tire weariness, and note,
  • Save.
  • Click the printer to display the labels of the selected storage,
  • Print.

Note: The tire storage will be automatically set as active as soon as you hit the save button.

Tip : Use the "Pad" icon to copy paste the  first line to the next line, click it 3 times if you entered a quantity of 4
Common issues: If the tire storage window is not showing when you entered the code, it`s probably because the category type is not set to "Storage".