• The Worldpac (SpeedDIAL) software must be already installed, updated and working (on every station that will use it). Click here to access the download page
  • GEM-CAR will simply run it from the Point of Sale
  • Additional configuration will be required in the SpeedDIAL to transfer the parts in GEM-CAR and finalize the purchase in SpeedDIAL

To be done in GEM-CAR

From the main menu. go to Configuration > General information:

  • Go to the "Internet Resources" tab,
  • Scroll down the list and select "Worldpac",
  • If the box {fa-check-square-o } "Active" is checked, move to the next section of this FAQ,
    • Otherwise, contact the Support team at 1-844-909-9800 to activate it.

{fa-info-circle } Unlike the other Internet resources in the list, Worldpac doesn't need a User and Password in GEM-CAR.

From the main menu, go to Configuration > Local Configuration:

  • Go to the "General Data" tab,
  • At the bottom, check the box:
    • {fa-check-square-o } Activate Worldpac on this station
  • Click the disk {fa-save} to save.

{fa-warning } Since this is a local configuration, this option must be activated on all stations using Worldpac.

To be done in Worldpac (SpeedDIAL)

  • From the menu bar, go to View > Preferences,

  • On the left panel, click the "Logon" menu,
  • Check the following boxes:
    • {fa-check-square-o } Remember customer number.
    • {fa-check-square-o } Remember password.
    • {fa-check-square-o } Automatically logon.
  • Click "Ok" to apply the changes and exit.

This configuration is required to:

  1. Make sure SpeedDIAL transfers the part(s) to GEM-CAR
  2. Complete the order within SpeedDIAL after transferring the part(s) to GEM-CAR.

From the menu bar, go to View > Preferences:

  • On the left section, select "Shop Software",
  • On the right section, check the option:
    • {fa-dot-circle-o } Export and Order
  • Click "Ok" to apply the changes and exit.

  • Click the {fa-plus} to transfer the part to GEM-CAR.