In order to change the payment method, there are two options:

  • Change payment method before the End of Day,
  • Change the payment method after End of the Day.

Change payment method before the End of Day


Step 1 Finding the invoice to change the payment

  • Go to "Point of Sale",
  • Click on the "Spyglass" icon (top right),
  • Select the Step: "Invoiced",
  • Find the invoice that you wish to credit, by choosing the step "Invoiced",
  • Double Click on the invoice.

Step 2 Editing the payment method

  • Back to the POS with your closed invoice on the screen,
  • Click on "F4",
  • Click "OK" when you see the "Validation" message,
  • Confirm the next messages to land on the payment window.


Step 3 Changing the payment for the invoice

  • In order to delete the payment click on the red "X" sign right next to the "$" sign, press yes to the pop-up messages.
  • Select the new payment method,
  • Credit the invoice by clicking "F4 Invoice" or the green "$" sign to skip the reprint.

Reversing payment if your "End of Day" is done

Easy way :  

  •  If your end of day has been already performed, you can't edit the payment, 
    • leave a handwritten note on a reprinted invoice and your end of the day (use a highlighter to make sure your account will know)

Long way:

  • Reverse the invoice at the day of the wrong invoice with the same payment,
  • Create a copy of the initial invoice (using the pen icon .... see FAQ) and close it at the date of the initial invoice with the same payment method,
  • Close the End if the day by selecting only these 2 invoices,
  • Reprint summary of payment for your accountant for the month. 
NOTE: In both ways, you need to keep your accountant informed!