The default value cannot be changed.

The minimum values of 5000 KM and 90 days are recommended for all GEM-CAR users. Increasing the values when printing the sticker assures that the manufacturer's minimum is respected and a value too large that could damage a vehicle's engine would not have defaulted.

Default values for synthetic oils can vary. Some cars are 8000, others are 10 000, 12 000 and even up to 15 000 KM.

That is why the Next Service field is adjustable. The default date is 90 days from today’s date and the next mileage is 5000 on top of the actual mileage.

  • From a quote in the POS, click on the icon next to the mileage field,
  • Adjust information for the next appointment or service,
  • Click on the printer to get your oil change sticker.

The "+" will add 4 weeks and the – will subtract 5 weeks to the date. The calendar can be used to pick a specific date.

Increments of 1000 and 5000 can be added easily to the existing 5000.