The wallpaper is specific to a station.

  1. Save your images to .jpg format.
  2. Use a size close to your screen resolution or screen format for a better display.

  • If you are comfortable with photo editing,
    • Use the screen resolution as a reference,
    • Without shrinking the photo, remove or crop 60 pixels from the height dimensions to avoid any shrink in GEM-CAR. (e.g.: if my screen resolution is 1920 x 1080, my wallpaper would be 1920 x 1020, so -60 pixels to the height)

  • Right-click the GEM-CAR icon,
  • Click "Open file location",

By default the GEM-CAR wallpapers are located in the folder {fa-folder-open-o } "c:\vdata\Design\fond", but you can follow these steps to find it in the GEM-CAR location folder:

  • On the left of the address bar, click the UP arrow {fa-level-up } to go to the parent directory which is the "vdata" folder,
    • or click the "vdata" name in the address bar,


  • Go to the folder {fa-folder-open-o }: "vdata\Design\fond" and save your image,
  • Rename the file accordingly to the language you'll be using in GEM-CAR:
    • "Logo0.jpg" if you are using FRANÇAIS
    • "Logo1.jpg" if you are using ENGLISH
    • "Logo2.jpg" if you are using US ENGLISH

  • Now when you open GEM-CAR make sure you select the right language.