GEM-CHAT a great solution to improve communication 

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  • Ideal to validate an information between team member
  • Technician can ask a quick question to the advisor taking a screen shot 
  • Works on the internal network only
  • Chat history is saved
  • Walk away from the complex memo from the agenda

- In the main menu, go to Configuration > General information 

- Check option 114 (Use GEM-CHAT)

- Save and close the menu

- Go to the POS and click on the chat icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

The following window will appear:

After typing your name, click OK.

If you receive a Windows Security Alert like the one below, it is important that you check both options before clicking on ''Allow Access''. GEM-CHAT won't work otherwise.

GEM-CHAT should now work properly.

To find out who are the other users participating in the discussion, click on the character icon.