• Go to "Configuration" / "Security"
  • In the "Security configuration" menu click on the spy glass next to the "User field"
  • If you want to modify an existing user click on it
  • If you want to create new user click on the green "+" sign and enter "Name", "User", "Password" and "Person responsible for project follow ups" (optional)
  • Save
Your new user is now created and you can modify it
  • If you want to a give administrative access to a given user click on the check mark "is an Administrator"
  • If you want to give limited access to a given user choose and double-click on it, you will be redirected back to "Security configuration menu"
  • Back in the "Security configuration" menu you can specify the menus and submenus that will be accessible for this particular user
  • Save in order to apply the changes

If you want to give access to POS you need to link the given user to an advisor, otherwise even if the user is administrator, he won't be able to modify/create estimates.