How to fix/prevent broken Shared GEM-CAR folder on Windows 10 Pro

Server Station

  • Connect to server station
  • Create a new non-admin user called GEM-CAR with 1234 password.
  • Go to control panel and select User Accounts
  • Select Manage another Account
  • Click Add a new user Pc settings
  • Click on Add someone else to this PC
  • Click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information
  • Click Add a user without a Microsoft account
  • Call it GEMCAR and password 1234

Do not make it admin, leave it as a local account.

  • Go to c:\gem-car and right click
  • Select Give access to and Specific People
  • In the new window, add GEM-CAR to the shared and make sure it has read/write permissions. 
  • Hit Share.
  • Make sure the setting in windows is set to Password Protected Sharing.


Client Station

  • In windows explorer, connect to the the server share (\\servername\gem-car)
  • When prompted, enter the credentials of the newly created GEMCAR user and make sure you check off ‘Remember password option’
  • Now, even if Windows updates remove the share without password option, it will not break GEM-CAR usage.
  • Repeat this step on all client stations if activated on existing installation.


Other windows versions

Should be very similar, google it and ask Erick to create a procedure if you need help.