Option available since version 9.2


  • Click on the second tab "General Information",
  • In the middle section, go to "Returns category",
  • Enter the category number you want to assign the returns or click the spy glass {fa-search} to select one.
    1. If the "Returns category" field is empty, the "Default category" number will be used.
    2. If the return product is already in inventory, the category of the existing product will be used.
    3. These changes will only affect the new (core) returns.
  • Once you've entered a category, click the disk {fa-save} to save.

During a purchase in the "Receive parts with invoices" window,

  • Enter the code of the product that has the core value,
  • On that same line, under the column "$ Core", enter the core value,

  • Complete the line or click on the disk to save

  •  After saving, GEM-CAR automatically creates a core item and puts it in the Returns maintenance.
    • {fa-info-circle} The code of the core item will be composed with a prefix "C-" followed by the original product code. E.g.: the core item of a product with a code "BATTERY" will have the code "C-BATTERY". (feature added to version 9.1)