In order to activate AllData, you must ask to have access to an old version : S3000

1. Proceed with the installation of the version of AllData S3000. You can call 1-800-859-3282 to get their technical service, and with their monthly subscription, the migration becomes free. You can use the 2 version for the same price. 

2. Call Technical Support at GEM-CAR 1-866-848-8282 to have the link configured.

Note: A video explaining this information is also available in your GEM-UNIVERSITY (ALLDATA Labor integration overview)

We love working with AutoZone sister company and their amazing field team. Unfortunately the integration kit is not yet available to GEM-CAR development team to start the integration with your day to day shop management. It was supposed to be release in 2018: software development can sometimes be long. As soon as we can have access to it, we will do it for you.

At the time being, if your are looking for an complete integration with your automotive billing software, you can connect to Mitchell

Mitchell 1 and ProDemand labor time guide Integration

About the compagny

The delivery of ALLDATA products has evolved, but we continue to drive the industry with expertise and determination. Today, ALLDATA is the industry standard in automotive repair software, used daily by more than 300 000 technicians worldwide.

From our roots with ALLDATA Repair, the repair guide software has expanded our software product line to include factory-correct diagnostic, repair and collision information, business tools and support services for the global automotive industry. Our suite of products includes:

  • ALLDATA Repair—The single source of accurate, up-to-date OEM-accurate diagnosis, repair and maintenance information covering more than 33 000 engine-specific vehicles.

ALLDATA Headquarters
9650 West Taron Drive, Suite 100
Elk Grove, California,95757, USA