In the point of sale, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right.

The value of the sum of the estimates is displayed next to the step selection menu and allows you to see how much money you and potentially can fetch.

For example, an open estimate has an average 10% chance of being sold while a proposed and postponed can increase to 70% depending on how you do it. In addition, next to the sub-totals, you can click on the printer to output three types of report. - Customer List Report by Steps with Summary;- Future Sales Planning Report by Month for the Proposed and Submitted Stage;- Summary Report of all Steps.

If the value of the zero and tax sub-totals does not appear to the right of the step selection menu, refer to the end of this FAQ to configure security accordingly.

Customer List Report by Steps with Summary- Select a step;- Click the printer icon,

  • Print a list of customers with their phone to follow up.

    Note: You can click on the hyperlinks for more details and the "X" in the upper left corner of the report to go back.

Progress report "Proposed and submitted"

Select the "Proposed and submitted" step,
Click the printer icon,

  • Print a chart with monthly potential sales summaries.

Summary report

  • Select the step: "All steps",
  • Click the printer icon,
  • Print out a summary.

Security configuration to display sub-totals and reports go to the "configuration"/"Security" menu;

  • Select a user;Click on the "+" opposite "point of sale";
  • Select: "View total estimates in the invoice search";
  • Save.