Sometimes the same vehicle can be entered twice by mistake on a customer's file. What happens next is that each of the duplicates are used separately and grow their own history until the day that someone notices and decide to merge them with heir history into one vehicle entry.

To do that, you had to call the GEM-CAR Support team to have them to do it through a special operation. That option is brought to you now after updating to version 9.2. You will be able to do it yourself.

To learn how to update GEM-CAR, see FAQ:

How to update GEM-CAR?


From the Point of Sale,

  • Choose a customer,
  • Click "Vehicle file" button,

  • (1) At the bottom of the window, click the yellow lightning button,
  • (2) Click the spy glass to select the vehicle to transfe,

  • In the vehicles list, double click the vehicle to transfer,

  • Repeat the same step to select the vehicle to keep,
  • Once you've selected the two vehicles, click the disk to merge the vehicles,

  • Click "Yes" if you want to merge these two vehicles,

  • Click "OK" to confirm validation,

  • Click the door icon to exit,

  • The vehicles are now merged including their history!



A security option Merging two vehicles, is available to allow or prevent an advisor from using this function.