Option A1: Automatic message when opening GEM-CAR

  • When GEM-CAR is first opened, a series of message windows will appear,
  • When the message indicating that the fiscal periods need to be entered, simply click OK,
  • You will automatically be presented with the Maintenance of Fiscal Periods window.

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Option A2: Manual Input

  • Go to the Main Menu window and click on Configuration. In the Configuration menu, click on Maintenance of Fiscal Periods tab.



Step B : Following steps A1 or A2

  • The Maintenance of Fiscal Periods window will appear on the screen. Click the Add «+» button and enter 01 in the Period field.





  • Click the Enter key on your keyboard,
  • In the Start Date field, enter day one of the first fiscal month (example Feb 1 is your fiscal year start),
  • Click the enter key. The End date should appear automatically,
  • Click the Save icon and your 12 fiscal months will reset properly,
  • Confirm these are correct and, if so, click Exit.




  • Still from the Configuration menu, click on the Change Fiscal Period tab





  • Click the appropriate period to move the DOT onto the correct current fiscal month. Example; Period 2, 01/02/2009 to 28/02/2009,
  • Click the Save icon and Exit.