Why do we need to performed an End of the Day procedure?


  •  Closed invoiced 
    • Can't be edited but the payment mode can be changed. FAQ ....
    • Can be found in the step "INVOICED" from the list of estimates. 
  • End of the Day will:
    • Transfer invoices to history,
    • Make billed hours available for technician performance,
    • Add the invoices to the sales statistics. 

End of day procedure 

  • Go to "Point of sale",
  • Choose "F10" - End of day,
  • Click on "Yes" when you see the validation question,
  • Select the reports that you wish to print along with your end of day,
  • Activate the option "Display reports on screen" if you wish to display the reports before printing them.



Optional: Activate the option "Display graphics" if you wish to visualize with nice graphic in your reports

In the module "Invoices included in the End of Day" you can:
  • Select all invoices,
  • Select particular invoices,
  • Select invoices from particular day/days by selecting the option "Select date",
  • Select invoices that were paid with a particular payment method.

When you are done with the selection of invoices:

  • Click on the green check mark in order to proceed with the end of day.
  • The reports that have been selected will be printed/displayed on screen.
  • When all reports are printed/displayed you will see again the "End of Day Options" module
  • Click on the "Exit" icon
  • Answer with "Yes" on the validation question if your reports are balanced.