• In the POS, enter the customer’s number like you would for a new order,
  • Click on the Customer Search Icon,
  • Click on the Accounting tab,
  • In the Specific rebates section, click on the Add icon,

  • In the Group Management window, Double click on the specific Group related to that customer,


To create a new group or special fleet agreement:

  • Or, if the Group has not been created, click on the top Add Icon,
  • Enter the name of the Group and click the Save icon,
  • Click Save,

  • The new group is now listed,
  • Click on the new group to highlight it,


  • In the bottom left panel, select one of the options, (example: Category 300 - labour),
  • On the right panel, enter the specific behaviour. (example: labour rate is 57.00).

  • Click Save,
  • To assign this new group to the customer, double click on the group name,
  • Once back on the customer’s file, click Save and Exit.

NOTE: All changes will only take effect on future orders only.