Here are the main steps:

  • Set up price levels by product
  • Set up a price level to a customer
  • Use the price configuration module to quickly change your discount levels
  • Process your discounts in Excel and update your inventory at the discount level through the Excel import module.

In GEM-CAR, you can associate 9 price levels and configure a list or retail price.

  • Open the Customer management window (via the POS or via the Main menu/Customer Management)
  • Click on the tab "Additional information"
  • Put the desired price level, 0 being the default price = actual sale price
  • To set a different level, enter a value from 2 to 9
  • Save

  • Open the inventory or Product/Job code management window via the Main Menu or via the POS (magnifying glass in the add part line)
  • Select a product
  • Click on the "Price" button
  • Enter the discounts by level (ex Price 2 = garage, Price 3 = CAA customer),
  • Save

  • Double-click on any item in the list to return to the POS
  • Notice that your product now has a discount (ex. CAA)

  • Click on "F3" or Display to see the result