To transfer a vehicle from a customer to another, some users will make the following mistakes:

  • Simply edit the customer's name,
  • Edit the new owner's vehicle information,
  • Delete the vehicle from the old owner and create a new vehicle for the new owner.

Theses procedures often cause errors and problems to the follow-ups and you do want to keep the vehicle history. Here is the right away to proceed:


1- Do the vehicle transfer

From the main menu, go to [Customer Management] > [Customer Management],

  • Search and select the customer with the vehicle to transfer,
  • Click on the tab « Vehicle Maintenance »,
  • Double-click on the vehicle,

  • Click on the tab « Customer list »,
  • Click on the plus sign « + » to add a new owner,

  • Search for the new owner and double-click his name to add it,

  • Now select the old owner from the list,
  • Click on the minus sign « - » to remove it,

  • Click « Yes » to delete the link between the vehicle and the old owner (that was selected),

  • Now that the old owner has been removed, click on the door to exit,

  • As you can see the vehicle is not part of the old owner's vehicles list. 

2- Check the history of a transfered vehicle

  • Open the Point of Sale,
  • Pull out the new owner/customer of the vehicle,
  • Select the vehicle,
  • Click on the button « Vehicle File »,

  • On the « Vehicle Maintenance » window, click on the spy glass to view the vehicle history,

  • You can now look at all the the repairs done on that vehicle.