{fa-warning} The backup of the database is customer's responsibility. We strongly recommend you to perform a backup every day, on an external hard drive or a USB stick (in case of a local).

When you close GEM-CAR, by default it will ask you:

"Would you like to save a copy of the database before ending?"

Click "Yes" to proceed to the back-up process,

In the "Back-up copy" window,

  • Choose one of the following options:
    • {fa-dot-circle-o } Backup GEM-CAR data (Default)
    • {fa-circle-o } Backup documents linked to estimates (if you use that option)
      • Can be done after the regular backup.
  • Check the following checkbox: 
    • {fa-check-square-o } Take a copy of the server files with the database backup (Important)
  • Choose a backup location:
    • In the field, click the arrow on the right to select a disk location quickly from the list (e.g.: G: USB - which can be your USB stick or external hard drive)
    • Or click the spyglass {fa-search } to choose a specific location,
  • Click the green arrow to start the process.
  • At the end of the process, GEM-CAR will alert you and also display the duration time so you can evaluate the wait for a future backup.
  • Click the door to exit.



  • GEM-CAR will generate a file called "GEMCAR01.bak" (This file contains all the information that you have entered in GEM-CAR (customers, vehicles, invoices, etc...)
  • The folder button allows GEM-CAR to refresh the list of available disk locations for backup (in case you've plugged in a disk or a drive after opening the back up window and it doesn't show in the list)
  • The note button shows the list of the past backups.