Label model with barcode for inventory

Here is a list of different barcode inventory label model you can use to identify your product. By Law you need to show a price if the product are in a show room or counter or tablet.

Report model

  Label display
Model 1


Model 2

 Model 3

  • From the main menu go to  "Configuration" > "Local configuration",
  • In the section "Configuration of default printer", click in the column "box report" and the icon with the "..." 
  • Select report,
  • Click on the spy glass icon to select the model to use.

  • Select report,
  • Click on "Open",
  • Click to save.

  • Go to Menu "Configuration" / "Label model creator",
  • In the top right near "Model" drop down , select "Inventory",
  • In the menu select "personalized inventory",
  • Click on the green icon with the checkmark,
  • Exit.

  • Go to  the inventory Management,
  • Click on an item in the list,
  • Do a right click on the icon with the barcode,
  • Select the quantity to print,
  • Click on the green icon with the checkmark to print.