Configuration of the Deductible product:
  • Go to the "Configuration" / "General Informations" menu.
  • Click on the icon with the yellow box: deposit management.

General Configuration:

  • Select the product code for the deductible: E.g. D with “Deductible” description on order
  • NOTE: Attention, configure the GL codes if you have an accounting bridge.
  • Select a “Reservation” step in which the “Reservation” and “Display the vouchers” options are activated.
  • Save.

Use of the deductible code:

  • Create an estimate on which you would like a deductible.
  • Insert the insurer’s code in the “Invoice to” field in the client file.
  • Add the part code: E.g. “D”.
  • Enter the deductible amount, the payment method, select the tax group (in general, the deductible is not taxable) and click on the green button to confirm.
  • You can then retrieve a copy of the invoice to give to the client, a receipt will be printed.
  • You can find your receipt in GEM-CAR in the list of estimates in the "INVOICING" section. Refer to FAQ’s