ALT "A" : To ADD an item or job,

ALT "B" : For Barcode reading or scan,

ALT "C" : To open accounts receivable,


ALT "E" : To SAVE,

ALT "G" : To open your default internet labor guide (to change labor guide, contact our service department)

ALT "H" : To access the HELP window,

ALT "I" : To open invoices,

ALT "L" : To open default Tire supplier website (to change default tire site, contact our service department),

ALt "M" : To open message and reminder window,

ALt "P" : To open and print a shipping/packing slip,

ALT "Q" : to Quit or Exit the POS (Pint of Sales) window,

ALT "R" : To open the service reminders for the customer on screen,

ALT "S" : To open the Supplier Maintenance window,

ALT "T" : To open the tire inventor search window,

ALT "V" : To open the Sales Report,

ALT "W" : To open the Stored Tires window for this customer,

ALT "X" : To display the Sales History for a product or item,

ALT "Z" : To open the GEM-CAR contact us web page,

F 12 : to exit  the POS window.