How to measure production performance - Technician / Mechanic Performance of your team

If one of your objectives is to measure the productivity performance of your technical and mechanical staff, GEM-CAR can easily be set up and configured to do so.

Step 1 - Setting up Technician/Mechanics

  • From the Main Menu, select Planning,
  • From the Planning Sub-Menu, select Work Bay Management,
  • Click the green ADD icon (+),
  • Enter the order number (this will be the order in which they will be posted to the appointment scheduler), Enter the technician’s name,
  • Enter his/her initials or T1 - T2 because they will show on the invoice,
  • Enter the hourly cost: salary + all company paid contributions and fees (note that you can use the security module for privacy),
  • Select Technician in the scroll down Type of Bay menu,
  • (Optional) You can also enter a defined lunch period and time.  (Note that a 24-hour clock format is used),

  • Click the SAVE icon.
  • Repeat the last seven (8) steps for each technician.

IMPORTANT:  If entering the hourly cost, remember to update this field whenever it changes. You can also replace a current name if a technician leaves and a new one is hired.

Note: You can also set up Technicians that only work part-time or occasionally throughout the year.  When they are not working, simply check the Deactivate box.  When they are working, remove the check to re-activate the technician post them to the appointment scheduler.

Step 2 – Measuring Technician / Mechanic productivity

  • From the Point of Sale window, create an estimate,
  • Once you have entered a job code, use the scroll down DOOR menu, or Appointment screen (F9) to assign the technician who will perform that specific job.   Note that you can assign different technicians for any other jobs to be performed for the same customer. In the example provided, Chris (CR) was assigned to perform the tie-rod replacement job while Terry (TW) was assigned to perform the oil and filter change.  Each technician’s initials will appear on the estimate next to their assigned task description.

  • Each technician will also have his/her individual work order, with the details of the car and the assigned job and time allotment.  He/she will punch in or write down the start time where indicated.

  • Once the technician has completed the job, he/she will punch out or write down the end time.

  • Back on the customer’s estimate, select the job and enter the real-time in the Real-Time field.

  • After an End of Day, all performance data are tabulated in the database.

Step 3 - Reviewing the performance report

  • From the Main Menu, select Reports,
  • From the Reports sub-menu, select Performance Report by Work Bay,
  • In the Performance Report window, select the technician(s) you want to review and the period or day(s) you want to review,
  • Select : Use punch or not,
  • Select "Door rate" or "Quantity",
    • Door rate : sold labor / Door rate / number of invoice
    • Quantity :
  • Click on the Print icon.


Step 4 - Analysis: selection by Quantity

  • The report will show


Table of content

  • Sold: invoice quantity sold
  • Billable: real time punched on the vehicle
  • Scheduled: time planned in the agenda
  • Paid: billable time + Internal time