It is possible to use GEM-CAR to configure an additional margin to auto-finance:
- administration expenses: internet, telephone, paper, ink, etc.
- shop material: grease, acetylene.

The additional margin is a percentage that is automatically added to the sales price indicated or by transferring the parts from your distributor’s site.

  • Go to "Inventory Management" / "Product/Job code management"


  • Choose a category.
  • Click on the spyglass next to "Category" field. 

  • In the field "Percentage (%) of additional margin:" add percentage value.
  • Click on "Save". 

In the POS, open an estimate.

  • Add a part that is inventoried or not.
  • Press F2 to save.


  • If you do not wish to activate this option for a transaction, when you are at the sales prices, press on the right arrow instead of hitting ENTER.
  • 2% of $200,000 in sales generates a profit of $4,000 which auto-finances your telephone, ink, paper expenses and other office expenses.