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How to  


Common issues

  • Using the DYMO printer : scraping the old sticker from the after market tinted windshield could cause damages
  • Using the DYMO printer : sticker are thermal transfer so they will fade after 3 months (place them behind the sun visor for infrequent customer)
  • Using the DYMO printer : configuration may be very hard
  • Is GEM-CAR compatible with my printer ( Zebra, Brother QL 700, Dymo 450...)
  • Is GEM-CAR compatible with my oil change sticker from my supplier...
  • Do you need help in configuring your label printer? This activity is not cover if you didn't purchase the printer with GEM-CAR:  applicable fees of $100

Best practice

  •  Top 10.5 to print your sticker from GEM-CAR