Step 1: Creating Job Types and Departments

  • To create various Job Type,
  • Close the POS (Point of sale) window,
  • In the Main Menu, click on Inventory Management,
  • In the  Inventory Management Sub-Menu, click Job Type Management.

  • Click on the Green Add (+) icon,
  • Fill a Description, Select or write in a Department name, Enter an appropriate GL account number and click Active,
  • Save and repeat as needed to create other Job Types,
  • Exit.

Step 2: Activating the Job Type Function

  • Back on the Main Menu, click on Configuration,
  • On the Configuration Sub-Menu, click on General Information,
  • Check option # 26,
  • Save and Exit.

Step 3: Assigning Jobs to specific Departments

  • Now open your POS (Point of Sale) window,
  • Press F1 to start a new estimate or job,
  • Enter a customer and his/her car,
  • Enter a job code,
  • On the Job Type scroll down menu, select the Department for this particular Job and Order.

Note: You can select a different Department for each individual Job you wish to build statistics on.