Due to laws concerning Point of Sale software programs, once an estimate has been converted to an invoice, no changes or additions can be made.  For this reason we do not recommend that invoices be printed ahead of time. You can however, consider printing 2 copies of the final estimates instead.  This way you can still make changes or additions should the need arise.

If you still want to pre-print invoices, here are the steps to follow;

  • Make all the final changes and additions to the estimate,
  • Click on the Customer search icon (between the customer’s number and name),
  • In the customer file, add a check in the box next to Customer with AR account,
  • Click Save and Exit,
  • Now, back on the estimate, click on Invoice,
  • In the Payment Method window, double click on Account Receivable,
  • Select 2 copies,
  • Click on Print.

If the customer arrives and pays sometime during the same day, (prior to an End of Day operation)

  • Click on the Order No search icon (top right hand side in the Point of Sale window),
  • Click on the pull down menu and select Invoicing,
  • Double click on the appropriate invoice,
  • GEM-CAR will prompt a few warnings. Click on the appropriate answers to continue,
  • Using the icon with the dollar sign and an X, cancel the payments for this invoice,
  • Double click on the correct payment method and click on the Invoice without printing icon or the Print icon to record the transaction.

If the customer returns to pay after you’ve done an End of Day operation;

  • Open a new order with the customer’s phone number,
  • In the product entry field, enter AR (account receivable) and press enter,
  • A list of receivables will appear,
  • Select the one or ones he wishes to pay,
  • Click Accept,
  • Click on invoice,
  • Double click on the payment method,
  • Click either the Invoice without printing icon or the Print icon.