The classification of your estimates according to their status allows you to manage your process and to :

  • Validate the number of estimates per stage
  • Have the value of the work by stage
  • Manage the process; move from one step to another
  • Automate the sending of reminders to customers by text message
  • Send text messages manually
  • Reserve or use items in inventory according to the stage

 Step 1 Maintenance of work steps

  • Go to the menu "Planning / Document progression management".
  • Click "+" to add a step
  • Add a name and save

Attention: Changing the name of the steps will not transfer the estimates from one step to another... Correct typos not in order, otherwise you will have to transfer your estimates too. 

Choice of options

- Reserve parts : in the inventory the products will not be on the shelf yet, but will be reserved for a customer ...  Ideal for a stage with "customer deposit" and/or "appointment". There is less and less inventory, make sure you have the parts when your customer arrives. 

- Work in progress : in the inventory the products will no longer be accessible, they are in production... Ideal for a "work in progress" stage.

- Warn when customer’s vehicle has existing estimates : Via the Point of Sale, when selecting a customer: a window with the list of estimates will appear with those whose stage has been selected. 

- Send a SMS for finished work: Once an estimate is transferred to this step, a text message will be sent to the customer notifying him that the work is done. Ideal for a "pending" invoice step. Note: the message will be sent automatically when the stage changes.

                                          Note : save your changes

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Step 2 Progression of work steps

In summary, this step allows you to limit the step progression of an estimate from one step to another to control your process.


Via the Point of Sale, by changing the status of the step via the drop-down menu on the bottom right, the status of the step changes in the title at the top.


  • Go to the menu "Planning / Document Progression Planning".


In summary, the steps in the right column will be visible in the drop-down menu of steps in the Point of Sale

Via the Point of Sale, by clicking on the icon of the work order, the estimate goes automatically to the selected step.
No saving is necessary

Via the Point of Sale, by clicking on the change of step button, the confirmation message no longer appears
No saving is necessary

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Transfer an estimate from one step to the next
  • Via the Point of Sale, transfer an estimate to the next step by selecting a step from the drop-down menu and clicking on the "Transfer to next step" button in the bottom right.
  • Click "Yes" to the confirmation message 

  • At the example above: The change of step will be renewed in the title, going from "ESTIMATE" to "WORK ORDER".
  • Inventory changes will also be applied according to the rules defined in your steps

Step 3 Configuration of your "PROPOSED & RE-SCHEDULED" step

  • Go to the menu "Configuration/General Information",
  • Select the second tab "General Information",
  • At the bottom left, select your "Proposed & Re-scheduled" stage,
  • Save.

Step 4 Configuration of your "Back order" step (out of stock)

  • Go to the menu "Configuration/General information",
  • Select the second tab "General information",
  • At the bottom left, select your "Back order" step,
  • Save.

Step 5 Configuration of step change while printing a work order

In order not to forget to transfer the estimates to a next step, you can automate the process.

  • Go to the step Planning / Document Progression Planning,
  • Select the steps which you want to move to the "Work order/invoice pending" step,
  • Save.
Sample list of steps

You can access to this list by opening Planning / Document progression management