GEM-CAR offers integration with the Robert Thibert catalog.
With the integration
 of the ordering catalog, advisors can automatically transfer wheels to their point of sale window.  

  • Transfers part, code, description, and cost
  • Selling can be also downloaded or pushed to a matrix, 
  • Quantity validation is available to check stock,
  • VIN decoder.

Discover by yourself how easy it is to create an estimate using the catalog, ask to test drive the integration now!

Take the power of Robert Thibert's catalog to the vehicle! The revolutionary app saves time and helps you more quickly and accurately identify vehicles by license tag or VIN before you begin your Robert Thibert catalog search. The app allows you to:

- Use Wheel Description Look-up Option,
- Manually enter vehicle year, make, model, and engine for vehicles that do not have VINs,
- Manually enter Robert Thibert part numbers or interchange OE or other supplier numbers to the Robert Thibert catalog,
- Enter customer license plate numbers and retrieve details about specific vehicle conditions,
- Scan VINs from the vehicle windshield or door panel and view the fully decoded VIN,
- View pricing and availability at your servicing Robert Thibert catalog,
- Add customer information and vehicle notes.

WOW: Look up parts for many other vehicle types including medium- and heavy-duty trucks, farm vehicles, lawn maintenance, off-highway, industrial, recreational, marine, and much more.

The app sends ALL vehicle-specific information to your Desktop account should you need it there for Robert Thibert catalog searches and ordering. Once you load the app you will use the same login and password credentials that you use when logging into the Robert Thibert catalog on your desktop PC.

Robert Thibert catalog is a cataloging and online ordering solution for commercial customers.
If you have questions or need help with the app, please call them
Robert Thibert Head Office 
Address: 315 bvl industrial, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada