A client arrives to the shop and you need to open his file. In a really easy way, GEM-CAR offers you the possibility to search for customer's information:

  1. directly from the POS searching by name
  2. through the Customer Management window

Both possibilities are accessible from the POS

From the POS, click on the following box:

  1. In this box, enter the first name and/or last name of the customer you are looking for (ex. type TES to search for the customer TEST V2V)
  2. Press  ''Enter''.
  3. The clients matching the name you entered will appear on the screen.
  4. Double-click on the name of the customer from this list so its other details are automatically added to the POS.

If you want to search a customer file via his/her phone number or other criteria:

- Click on the spyglass by Customer field

- Customer management window will open:

  1. You can organize the list in a descending/ascending order by Customer # / Name / Telephone / Address and then scroll down to search the required information
  2.  Use the spyglass at the bottom of the window and:

                     - If you want to
search by name: place the cursor in the name field and type the name + ENTER
                     - If you want to search by phone number: place the cursor in the phone field and type the phone number + ENTER
                     - If you want to search by any other criteria: place the cursor in the corresponding field box (email, address, city…) and type it + ENTER

- Double-click on the customer from the list to bring the information to the POS