Tax setup in GEM-CAR is an important and delicate matter. The mechanical workshops need to pay close attention in this respect in order to comply with the laws of their country and to be able to balance their ledgers.

Depending on the country where the shop is located and their tax system and regulations, it may happen that a shop needs a specific configuration for taxes.

GEM-CAR is a versatile tool able to adapt to many situations and configurations. If you have a special configuration, let us know so we can assist you!

GEM-CAR allows users to set up as many taxes as needed, cumulative or not, etc. All this is done via the ‘Tax Group Management’ window

Special Configuration 1: User needs a TAX2 that will be applied on the amount of TAX1 only


(Y) = Subtotal products and services 150$
(A) = TAX 1 = 18%
(B) = TAX2 = 5%
The tax configurations should be :

TAX1= 18%
TAX2 = 100 x (18% x 5%) = 0.9%
Total = Y + A + B