GEM-CAR offers the possibility of producing a report (summary or detailed) presenting the tire size list of the Tire Storage of your shop.

This can be helpful at the moment of ordering tires for your inventory.

In order to produce the report: 

  • From the main menu: Reports / Customer Management

  • In the Reports window:
    • Select CLIENTS
    • Select Tire list from the available reports
    • Choose Summary or Detailed
    • Print to produce the report
  • GEM-CAR will ask you if you want to include only the vehicles to which the tire size is known and/or having a tire storage
    • Click YES to avoid the empty tire storages
    • Click NO to include all the tire storages

GEM-CAR will produce the report:

At the last page of the report, it shows the tire size organized by type of tire and by quantity to know which ones are the most popular.

For instance, in the example below, the P195/65R15 is the most popular tire with 12 customers using them.