GEM-CAR now offers a new integration true TireConnect

is a Bridgestone company specialized in 
online tire sales with over 5,600 locations across North America. Garages are subscribing to this solution which pushes their inventory and posts it on their website. When a customer is looking for tires, the TireConnect website gives him the best price.

The eCommerce solution is a tire sales platform built to help sell tires online and in-store

  • Capture qualified leads on your website,
  • Use connected distributor to promote their inventory,
  • Enable tire eCommerce sales online,
  • Enhance in-store selling.

The connection between GEM-CAR and the online store is done with the application GEM-CONNECT.

GEM-CONNECT is built to help you sell tires online and in-store in partnership with their web solution, compatible with many other online sales platforms. A fee of $10 per month is applicable for the integration. The initial configuration is done by a technical GEM-CAR support team member. 

What GEM-CONNECT does:

It exports the inventory in CSV or TXT file and sends it to the FTP of TireConnect.
Once the file is correctly uploaded to the FTP of Tire Connect, they take care of posting it on their website.

* The customer is required to provide us with the FTP address, the username, and password for the commerce. *

Contact :
30 Via Renzo Drive, Suite 254
Richmond Hill, Ontario