How to create your cash register and use it in the Point of Sale

Activate your cash register

  • Go to "Configuration" / "General Information",

  • Activate option 29 "Use the cash drawer",
  • Save.

Create a payment method "Cash"

  • Go to "Accounting"/"Payment methods",

  • Click on the "+" sign,
  • Add the new payment method - "Cash",
  • Click on the "Cash" checkmark,

  • Save.

If you already have your Cash payment method you need just to make sure that the "Cash" checkmark is active

Activate your cash drawer

  • Go to POS,
  • Click on the '' Cash drawer '' (blue icon right next to Delete estimate),

  • Add the starting amount of money that you have at the beginning of your day,
  • Click on "F1" to start your cash drawer,
  • Choose "Yes" when GEM-CAR asks you "Do you want to start this Cash Drawer?" .