• From the POS window, while on the correct estimate or order, click on the Reminder icon,


Reminder Letter recall Note


  • Select and enter the month you would like the Reminder to be registered to,
  • Write your Reminder, or click on the Search icon to select the appropriate Reminder from those already offered,

Recall Letter software


  • To create and save you own frequently used Reminder message,


Reminder Software Car

  • Click the Add "+" icon,
  • Write your custom Reminder message on the bottom window,
  • Check the “For Invoices” box and click the Save icon,
  • Now, double-click on the desired Reminder message and it will be added to the current order on the POS window.

NOTE : For a reminder to appear on the Reminder report or the Automatic reminder letter generator, there are two conditions;
1- You must have selected a Reminder date in the Message window
2- You must have registered the payment for that order and executed an End of Day procedure in order to send the data to the customer’s history file.