• If you wish to add a bad debt to a partially paid invoice, refer to option 2.

Option 1 is recommended if you wish to recover your taxes on a bad debt.

Step1: Crediting an invoice

  • By reversing your invoice, you can easily remove a bad debt. Reverse / Credit an invoice 
  • If your invoices remained unpaid, you must manually make the payment via the "Accounting/Payment".

Note: This amount will be deducted from your sales figure, but you can recover the taxes immediately.

Option 2: Including a “Bad credit” payment method and adjusting your tax claim

Include a bad credit payment method to which you can associate the right general ledger code with a new bank number.

  • Go to "Accounting" / "Payment methods"
  • Click on the "+" sign to create new payment method
  • Add "Description", "Abbreviation" (optional), "GL" (consult with your accountant)
  • Save

When you go to POS and invoice an estimate you will see a new payment method - "BAD CREDIT".
Note : Do not forget to advise your accountant because you will then have to make the manual adjustments to claim the taxes on the unpaid amount and manually enter it into your general ledger module.