The simplest way is to assign jobs to technicians via the Appointment calendar.
Step 1 : Work Bay configuration
  • Close the POS (Point of Sale) window and, from the Main Menu, select "Planning",
  • From the  "Planning" menu, select "Work Bay Management",
  • Add and/or select your  technicians  (We recommend managing the technician time vs. work bays),
  • Enter the technician’s initials (The initials will then appear in brackets next to each job on the estimates,
  • If you also add the total Hourly Cost for each technician, you will get the added benefit of Performance Report,
  • Click SAVE.

Step 2 : Associate a specific work bay or technician when entering jobs
  • From the POS (Point of Sale) window, start an estimate as usual,
  • Enter a Job code, example; J1, Oil Change & Inspection,
  • From the Door pull-down menu, select the desired Work Bay or Technician,
  • Once you have pressed SAVE or F2, the Technician’s initials will appear next to the Job,
  • Estimates and invoices will also have the Technicians name for every job done.

Note: You can assign different Technician for different Job on the same estimate.