1. In the GEM-CAR Main menu, click on Configuration.
  2. In the menu at the right, click on General information.

  3. Click on the Options tab.
  4. Check option 65 to enable it.
  5. Click on the floppy disk to save.

How to purchase and receive

Step 1: Purchase

  1. In the Point of sale, select the products to be purchased (hold ctrl to select multiple items).
  2. Click on the Purchases button.

  3. In the Purchases window, select a supplier.
  4. Click on the products to be ordered
  5. Enter the quantity.
  6. Click on the floppy disk to save.
  7. Click on the door to return to the Point of sale.

  8. The products you ordered now show in blue in the Point of sale and the Purchases button turns to green.

Step 2 : Receiving

  1. From the Point of sale, click on the now green Purchases button.

  2. From the Purchases window, click on the Receive button (or press F10).

  3. Enter the date the bill from the supplier was received in the Reception date field or click on the To button to enter the date of today.
  4. Enter the supplier's bill number in the Reference # field.
  5. Click on Receive all or enter the received quantity.
  6. Click on the Transfer button (or press F9) and confirm that you wish to transfer the amounts to the payables and use the reference number as the bill number.
  7. Click on the door to quit.

  8. Back in the Point of sale, the received product now shows in green.