Create a report attached to a job 

  • Save your report (preferably in PDF) in the server’s directory C:\VDATA\Report\pvu. Note that if it is not on the server, other users cannot open it.
  • You can append a WORD, EXCEL, TXT or PDF document.

Create an operation code for the PEP with PDF inspection – see FAQ

  • Go to the Configuration / Report Configuration menu.


Select a work order or click “+” to add one.    

  • Enter the name and access path.
  • Select “DOCUMENT” type.
  • Save.


Create a job code for a PEP maintenance

  • The elements in the list will be displayed in the product management and job code form.
  • Go to the Inventory / Product Code Management / Job menu.

Click on the “+”.

  • Add a “500” category item, code, description.
  • At the bottom, select the work order to be used.

Note: Each job code can have its own work order report.

  • Automation of the preventive maintenance according to the hours/Millage or duration
  • Add this job in preventive maintenance – see FAQ.