GEM-CAR offer two different integration 
to the UNITRANS catalog. With their catalog parts search and ordering catalog, advisors can automatically transfer parts to their point of sale window.  

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  • Transfers part, code, description and cost
  • Selling can be also downloaded or push to a matrix, 
  • Quantity validation is available to check stock,

Benefit of using an online catalog:

  • Use the distribution inventory as your own inventory,
  • Reduce mistake while ordering using exploded view for parts,
  • Look at part images before ordering, 
Transmission software

Discover by yourself how easy it is to create an estimate using the catalog for transmission parts.

UNITRANS specialized in selling and distributing new OEM (Origin Equipment Manufacturer) transmission parts, drive-train components as well as refurbished & recycled parts and OEM clutches.

Our network of partners and market knowledge allow us to offer the largest nationwide inventory of parts and to serve a clientele across Canada.

UNITRANS is well-known for its excellent customer service and the quality of its products. What you need for a car transmission & drive train is available under one roof.

Address 3795, rue Georges Corbeil, Terrebonne QC J6X 4J5 

News : GEM-CAR and UNITRANS Announce a Strategic Partnership